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Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology

Michael Harris Bond. Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology Authors:Michael Harris Bond.
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Book Summary:
In recent years China has witnessed unprecedented economic growth, emerging as a powerful, influential player on the global stage. Now, more than ever, there is a great interest and need within the West to better understand the psychological and social processes that characterize Chinese people.The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology is the first book of its kind-- a comprehensive and commanding review of Chinese psychology, covering areas of human functioning with unparalleled sophistication and complexity. In 42 chapters, leading authorities cite and integrate both English and Chinese-language research in topic areas ranging from the socialization of children, mathematics achievement, emotion, bilingualism, and Chinese styles of thinking to Chinese identity, personal relationships, leadership processes, and psychopathology. With all chapters accessibly written by the leading researchers in their respective fields, the reader of this volume will learn how and why China has...

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