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Ethics Desk Reference For Psychologists

Jeffrey E. Barnett, W. Brad Johnson. Ethics Desk Reference For Psychologists Authors:Jeffrey E. Barnett, W. Brad Johnson.
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Book Summary:
The Ethics Desk Reference for Psychologists is an easy-to-use pocket guide that aids psychologists in identifying and avoiding ethical dilemmas. Authors Barnett and Johnson provide a jargon-free summary of each section of the APA Ethics Code (2002), note common dilemmas and conflicts that are associated with each section, and offer practical suggestions for preventing conflict and for promoting positive practice. Additional resources are provided that will help psychologists to respond to ethical conflicts effectively if they do arise. These include a model for ethical decision making, a detailed checklist of what to do if you are facing an ethics complaint, recommendations for ethical practice when faced with high-risk situations, and a list of ethics resources. This compact desk reference is an essential resource for all psychologists, trainees, and graduate students.

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