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The Psychology of Management: Different Ways on Different Days

Keith Pounds M.B.A. The Psychology of Management: Different Ways on Different Days Authors:Keith Pounds M.B.A.
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Book Summary:
"The Psychology of Management" focuses on 'systems thinking' in exploring the untold number of forces constantly working within modern organizations. This intriguing examination explores how some forces are 'driving' the workplace in one direction while other forces work to 'restrain' that movement. Keith Pounds shows how to prevent the inevitable 'friction' caused by the inadequate management of these often unseen and immeasurable forces. Readers will also come to better understand and work with the array of employee personalities encountered in the workplace and gain a fascinating look at varying management styles and how they are best put to use. Perhaps most importantly, "The Psychology of Management" precisely defines some of the most pervasive management and leadership biases and how they can adversely affect good decision-making. It will help managers become better equipped in understanding the inner-most workings of modern organizations and ensure that they and their...

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