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Life as a Psychologist: Career Choices and Insights

Gerald D. Oster. Life as a Psychologist: Career Choices and Insights Authors:Gerald D. Oster.
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Book Summary:
Dozens of outstanding practitioners and scholars explain how quickly the career opportunities for graduates with psychology degrees are growing. Oster contacted dozens of working psychologists and asked them what advice they would offer today's aspiring psychologists. Their responses provide a glimpse into a changing and ever-expanding field. The book includes advice on making the "right" choice from among psychology careers in fields old and new, the ins and outs of graduate school, and the lessons seasoned professionals learned in their quests for meaningful careers. Web sites for more information on specialties are listed, as are suggested additional readings. This insightful work will interest high school students and college undergraduates, career-changers and psychologists seeking new directions, as well as guidance counselors and parents.

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