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Personality And Performance: Foundations for Managerial Psychology

Robert Spillane. Personality And Performance: Foundations for Managerial Psychology Authors:Robert Spillane.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionWhy should managers study psychology? In a fascinating analysis of the great sociological and psychological thinkers--including Freud, Durkheim, Maslow, Skinner and Mead--this erudite yet unconventional text challenges the foundationsof modern managerial thought. Aimed at students in management, organisational behavior, managerial psychology and related subjects, and equally useful to practising managers, Personality and Performance is a critique of the popular view that if managers can understand their colleagues' personalities, they can manage them more effectively. With skill and verve the authors carry us through an array of ideas to a 'purposive psychology', based on the principles of responsibility, freedom, and choice,that enables working people to gain insight into and mastery of themselves.

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