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A Teacher's Guide to the Psychology of Learning

Michael J. A. Howe. A Teacher's Guide to the Psychology of Learning Authors:Michael J. A. Howe.
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Book Summary:
Of all topics within the psychology of education, learning is one of the most crucial. Yet in terms of practical texts likely to be of use to students and teachers, it is one of the most neglected. This book is a short, down-to-earth account of how children learn the knowledge and skills they acquire at school. Though it does not show teachers how to teach, it gives a highly practical account of learning, remembering and related processes. The first edition of this book was one of the first to present the ideas of the psychology of learning in an integrated text. This fully revised edition includes the psychological research into children's learning and intelligence which has taken place over the past decade. The book is illustrated with non-country specific examples allowing course use around the world. A Teacher's Guide to the Psychology of Learning is invaluable for students of psychology and education and for those training and working as teachers.

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