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The Leadership Passion: A Psychology of Ideology

David Loye. The Leadership Passion: A Psychology of Ideology Authors:David Loye.
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Book Summary:
In The Leadership Passion, David Loye has created a penetrating analysis of ideology and its function in both individual psychology and leadership styles. In his book, Loye discusses the historical sources of left-right motivations; reexamines thetheories of Hegel, Nietzsche, Freud, and Marx among others; and analyzes a wide range of historical and contemporary relevant research. Variables receiving attention include liberalism-conservatism, risk taking, alienation, anomie, extremism and activism. Results are then used to shape original studies of campus leadership elites and older men and women during an election campaign. Loye’s findings suggest an important new model of ideological functioning and provides a framework for a dialectical theory of personality and social change.

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