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Trading With Crowd Psychology (Wiley Trading)

Carl Gyllenram. Trading With Crowd Psychology (Wiley Trading) Authors:Carl Gyllenram.
Price:4517 rub.

Book Summary:
LET THE SOUND OF THE CROWD HELP YOU CREATE A SUCCESSFUL TRADING PLAN Praise for Carl Gyllenram and Trading with Crowd Psychology "Investing is first and foremost a psychological process and good market technicians are really psychologists. Mr. Gyllenram understands this and his book offers deep insight into the psychology of the trading range, the area from which big moves-up and down-emerge." --John Bollinger CFA, CMT, President, "Every trader and investor will recognize themselves and their habits (good and bad) among the characters whose trading decisions are so vividly described in this book, and all should discover ways of improving those trading decisions. A very timely publication." --Michael Smyrk Global Coordinator, International Federation of Technical Analysts "Carl Gyllenram takes a new approach to looking at the workings and importance of crowd psychology in the financial markets ... [he] shows a clear...

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