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Fear, Greed & Panic: The Psychology of the Stock Market

David Cohen. Fear, Greed & Panic: The Psychology of the Stock Market Authors:David Cohen.
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Book Summary:
DON'T BUY THIS BOOK if you want handy hints on which shares to buy, because David Cohen is not an investment expert. DO BUY THIS BOOK if you want to know how brokers behave or if you've ever wondered why investing in the stock market seems to be moreof a gamble than a coolly calculated, economic exercise. David Cohen examines the psychology of the real stock market, not the share prices, buildings or machines, but the people who work there and the people who invest their money in it. Fear, Greed and Panic shows that economic facts are less important than feelings, for both professional investors and lay people. Try the risk questionnaire to see how you fare. Lots of people are shy about admitting that they want to make money. If you can understand the people involved in the money markets you will know a lot more about share prices than any clever software package can reveal. Comments on the hardback edition: "David Cohen's book has hit upon a rich seam, which is...

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